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2.4.4 - Prepper - 30 Days of Food: Preparation and Storage

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Why is this important?

  • There are NO FOOD STORES besides Zogs on the Island; there are NO EMERGENCY SUPPLIES either.
  • Survival in adverse conditions takes protein and calories, and fats to keep you warm.
  • Calories and protein take time and/or money to store

1. Just keep a big pantry


    • Easy to buy a little at a time, so does not feel like a financial burden - Will likely be food you already eat so that is comforting  
    • Easy to rotate out boxes, cans if you check expiration dates  


    • Without your house or power, you may not be able to cook the food
    • Without house or power, you may lose access to or lose the food supply, if much is frozen
    • You have to be pretty strict about checking expiration dates and rotating stock - You need also be strict about making sure you have enough food on hand

2. Purchase your food already prepped.
Download the full article below, to see options to feed four adults for 30 days.

3. Make your own food kit – approximately $500-$650

Daily Menu: about 1600 calories/60+ grams protein/day

  • Coffee/creamer/sugar along with Oatmeal/peanut butter/milk
  • Bean soup with added meat protein
  • Cornmeal cake with peanut butter

This can all be purchased from local groceries, Home Depot, Amazon, and BePrepared.com. You can add or subtract items to suit your tastes and protein needs.


  • This is half-price or less of all the other options
  • A big pot of soup is easy to share, which is a likely scenario
  • There is still a bit of customization you can do to this menu 


  • It will take you about 1-2 days to purchase, assemble, and properly prepare the ingredients.
  • You will be pretty much eating the same thing every day.
  • Some of the ingredients will take 1+ hour over a fire to cook but it is very simple cooking.

Download the full article to see a shopping list, what goes into each bucket, how to store your kit, utensils needed and recipies.

Last modified on: 3/1/2024

Download: 2.4.4 - Prepper - 30 Days of Food: Preparation and Storage