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Here you will find links to videos on preparation, maps of Fox Island showing the coverage of Block Coordinators on Fox Island, instructions on signing up for PC Alert, Preppers Corner, food and water storage ideas, shelter, water purification and more.
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2.6.0 Prepare In A Year Newsletters

Welcome to Prepare In A Year.

Our goal is to help guide you to develop your desired level of preparedness in a series of small steps over the next eleven months (we are off to a bit of a late start). We will be suggesting action steps as well as recommending levels of preparedness.

Here are the topics we will be covering by month in 2024:

Month - Topic

  • February 1) Communications Plan and 2) Action Plan
  • March 3) Water, and the Rule of 3’s
  • April 4) Grab and Go Kit
  • May 5) Important Documents
  • June 6) 2 Weeks Ready (due to the bridge we recommend 4 weeks)
  • July 7) Fire Safety
  • August 8) Utility Safety
  • September 9) Under the Bed
  • October 10) Earthquake Preparedness – Drop, Cover and Hold on
  • November 11) Staying Warm and Shelter in Place
  • December 12) Home Hazard Hunt


2.6.2 FI-Ready: Prepare In A Year 2024 - February

Download: 2.6.2 FI-Ready: Prepare In A Year 2024 - February

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Topic #1 – Communications Plan

Probably one of the worst things that could happen to any of us is being separated from family members in an emergency. Compounding that would be not knowing how to reach them, and not knowing how to get reunited. We suggest the following:

  • Figure out how to reach each member (phone/radio/etc)
  • Using the attached form, create a meeting place (suggest one for on-island and one for off-island) and list contact numbers for everyone. In an emergency you may not have your phone available to you with your contact lists. Put this list in your FI Family Emergency Manual (we will be rolling it out later this year – but nothing says you cannot start a folder or manual now and keep these documents on hand!).

Action Steps:

  1. Fill out the attached form, suggest each family member have a copy.
  2. Determine both on-and off-island assembly points.

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