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Neighborhoods – because we’re stronger together than we are apart

Neighborhoods is the Block Coordinator Program. Block Coordinators, or BC's, have important roles both before and during emergencies. Although the program is listed in its entirety under the Emergency Preparedness section of this website, here are the key Emergency Response aspect of the program.

  1. Roles and Responsibilities 
  2. Who’s Your BC? 
  3. BC Manual

Check out your house location on the 'Who’s Your BC Map, above. If you have a Block Coordinator, make sure they have your correct email address and phone number so they can be in touch with you. Make sure you are getting the monthly newsletter from them! If you are not getting a newsletter, or anything, you can contact your BC.

If you are NOT in a neighborhood with a Block coordinator, here are some options:

  • Contact the Island Block Coordinator using the Contact Us link below to get on the 'Blocks Orphans' mailing list. You will be able to get all the materials emailed to you on a regular basis. 
  • Contact a neighboring block to see if they would like to expand their block or adopt you! 
  • Finally, you may want to consider creating your won block. Currently about 25-40 percent of the Island is not covered by the Block coordinator system. It is easy to create a new block!
  • If you are interested in volunteering as a Block Coordinator, fill out this form.

Please contact the Island Block coordinator using the Contact Us link, and they will help you out. Again, in the end, we are stronger together than apart.

Neighborhoods will be our superpower to surviving any future catastrophes the world may throw at us.

Last modified on: 4/15/2024