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The FICRA Building Trust is not a government agency. 

Volunteers of FIEP, without compensation, or the expectation of compensation, will render emergency assistance as FIEP determines the need to assist.  These recommendations and the assistance to Fox Island residents is based on the advice from Pierce County Department of Emergency Management and other County, State, and Federal government agencies.  The FICRA Building Trust accepts no responsibility to provide materials, services, or direction to, Fox Island residents.

Please understand - even with the preparation and response work that has been done by the FIEP Team, every family needs to plan to be YOYO (you’re on your own) in a major event.

  • The FIEP emergency assistance is not a hospital, not a source of food, nor a hotel.  This plan is absolutely dependent on individual family preparation in the form of 30 days’ supply of food and med's plus storage of water and fuel.
  • Further, It may take hours, a day, or more, to get the FIEP Response Team and the Emergency Operations Center (Nichols Community Center) up and running (see the organization chart, below).  For example, the EP Response Team will work to provide first aid and triage at the Nichols Community Center (NCC), but that may be a very limited capability depending on volunteers available and the extent of medical help needed.
Last modified on: 4/22/2024