Current Status: Yellow
Elevated Condition Awareness

YELLOW = Elevated Condition

First, some good news.  An update on the Fox Island Bridge is available on line and in person.  Here is the information on that:

On line from July 22 to August 11:
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Fox Island Ready - Emergency Preparedness

Fox Island Emergency Preparedness is a standing committee under FICRA.  See About Us for details

  1. 1.0 The PLAN
  2. 1.2 FIEP Organization Chart
  3. Why Emergency Preparedness is important on Fox Island
    • Catastrophic earthquakes, fire, and bridge loss can affect us
    • There are NO food or other supplies on the Island
    • Without the bridge WE ARE ON OUR OWN
    • Help could be days or weeks before it arrives
  4. Your Responsibilities – YOYO (You’re On Your Own)!
    • YOU are responsible for looking after yourself in a large-scale disaster.

Quick Resources:

  1. Download your copy of the Fox Island Family Emergency Manual
  2. Volunteer with FI-Emergency Preparedness
  3. Report an Incident
  4. Request a Vacation Home Check
  5. Product of the month (coming soon)
  6. Make a Donation To FIEP

Our mission is to help YOU and YOUR FAMILY get the knowledge to survive. Because when we all work together, we’re stronger than ever!


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Emergency Preparation 

Fox Island Family Emergency Manual

Emergency Preparation 

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