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2.4.1 Get To Safety

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EP – Prepper - Getting to a Safe Place

  1. Figure out what disasters can occur and how they can affect you.
  2. Determine where your safe places are and communicate that to your family. 
  3. Keep your phone, a flashlight, and warm clothes in a bag near your bed.
  4. Have a meeting place for the family, both on and off-island, in case you must leave the house in a hurry.

Earthquake (see diagram)


There is considerable debate about how much water could actually get down Puget Sound. However, many of us travel off-island and might be in an area more sensitive to Tsunamis. Stay alert to any signs of a tsunami such as: earthquake, or the ocean suddenly recedes. If you see these signs, quickly get to the highest ground possible. 


  1. During fire season, stay informed via Fox Island News FB page and local news.
  2. There are limited routes off the island and even on the island. Your best bet may be finding a beach – know your nearest beach access point.
Last modified on: 3/1/2024