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2.4.2 EP-Prepper - Shelter and Warmth

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Why is this important?  Hypothermia can disable or kill you within hours. At the least it will affect your ability to think logically and make effective decisions at a time when your survival may depend on it. What if there is an earthquake and you have to run out of the house with only your pajamas on? And it’s raining!! Here are some suggestions.


  1. Pajamas – it is best that each family member has a bag of warm and sturdy clothes under their bed. Next best idea is to keep a bag of old, warm clothes in your car or in a shed. Have some for every member of your family. Include lots of layers, and don’t forget hats, rain jackets, and gloves.
  2. Include some matches and a dry fuel source so you can start a fire.
  3. To start a fire you need a heat source(matches/flint), tinder, kindling and fuel. Tinder can be flammable items such as shredded paper and dryer lint. Kindling needs to be a bit bigger, such as 1-2' in diameter. Possible sources include dense cardboard packing material, fallen branches. Include some ways to accelerate the fire-starting process, such as fire starters, dryer lint, some bags of shredded paper.
  4. Consider having a wood supply under a tarp or in a bucket just to get started.

Immediate Shelter – in case your house is unsafe.

  1. Use an old backpack or camping tent.
    • check to make sure you have the rainfly and stakes
    • equally important, have a tarp to place under the tent to keep the floor extra dry 
  2. There are good used tents online. Here are a few sources:
  3. Make a shelter out of a 12' x 16' tarp. This is a simple A-shaped tent. - Supplies needed: 12' x 16 tarp, 8' pole, 4+ stakes, 10' of cord - Outstanding video by Thunderbird AtlAtl, see below:
  4. Lastly, include some sleeping bags or wool/poly blankets. No cotton. Down is questionable as it is not warm when wet. Down substitutes are generally much better.

Last modified on: 3/1/2024