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  • Security: Ensure all doors are locked including patio, garage, and crawl space access.
  • Alarms: Who has access to your home to neutralize or investigate smoke alarms, break in alarms, or septic alarms?
  • Be sure all windows are locked including upstairs windows.
  • Don’t place recycle or trash containers out early or leave empty containers out as this is a message that you aren’t home.
  • Leave an emergency contact phone number.
  • Don’t leave a message on your answering device advising you won’t be back until x.  Retrieve your messages while you’re gone.
  • Use timers on lights, radio, or TV.
  • Leave a locked car in your driveway or use a neighbors car. Deactivate the automatic garage door opener.
  • Leave blinds and curtains in their normal positions. Everything closed is a message to people casing the neighborhood.
  • Don’t leave perishables in the refrigerator.
  • Addresses on luggage tags should be turned inward so strangers can’t see your home address.
  • Mail theft is in increasing problem on the Island so please halt deliveries of papers, mail, or other expected deliveries.  Neighborhood Watch members will no longer pick up packages so it is important that you have designated someone to do so. We will call them when we find a package.
  • Be sure your neighbor(s), friend(s) and Citizens' Patrol have a number they can call in the event of an emergency.
  • Don’t forget medications and an extra set of eyeglasses for your trip.
  • Remember to have a safe trip.
Last modified on: 3/3/2024