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Neighborhood Watch functions include observing our school bus stops, Vacation Home Checks, Hotline management, assisting in emergency response and more. These activities, and the hiring of Sheriff deputies, are key functions of the Fox Island Neighborhood Watch Program.
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4.1.1 Submit a Home Check Request

Submit your Home Check Request, click the image to the left.

Please, 72 hours notification is needed.

I hereby request the Fox Island Neighborhood Watch (NW) to conduct visual check(s) of my property:

  • I understand that the NW is a voluntary citizens association without any full or part-time employees and without any licensed law enforcement personnel; 
  • That the NW will drive by or check above property when possible, as a courtesy, without any obligation to do so, to check the property for any suspicious activity at the property.
  • NW members are not responsible for picking up packages.
  • NW members do not make arrests, do not carry weapons and do not take any enforcement action, while on patrol.
  • The NW will report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Department.
  • There is no representation by the NW as to frequency of any such house checks.   
  • The undersigned holds the NW a... Read More


4.2 Neighborhood Watch Travel Tips


  • Security: Ensure all doors are locked including patio, garage, and crawl space access.
  • Alarms: Who has access to your home to neutralize or investigate smoke alarms, break in alarms, or septic alarms?
  • Be sure all windows are locked including upstairs windows.
  • Don’t place recycle or trash containers out early or leave empty containers out as this is a message that you aren’t home.
  • Leave an emergency contact phone number.
  • Don’t leave a message on your answering device advising you won’t be back until x.  Retrieve your messages while you’re gone.
  • Use timers on lights, radio, or TV.
  • Leave a locked car in your driveway or use a neighbors car. Deactivate the automatic garage door opener.
  • Leave blinds and curtains in their normal positions. Everything closed is a message to people casing the nei... Read More