Neighborhood Watch | An Overview

Neighborhood Watch functions include observing our school bus stops, Vacation Home Checks, Hotline management, assisting in emergency response and more. These activities, and the hiring of Sheriff deputies, are key functions of the Fox Island Neighborhood Watch Program.
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4.0 Neighborhood Watch Program

To report a crime in progress, call 911

Call the Sheriff’s Non-Emergency line (253-287-4455)

– or –

Report suspicious activity, Submit an Incident Report

The Neighborhood Watch Committee

Fox Island is a wonderful community – not just because of its beauty and rural feel, but because it is a safe place to live and raise a family.  Fox Island has the lowest crime rate of any community its size, or larger, in Pierce County.

One of the benefits of community interaction is the enhanced safety on Fox Island.  This interaction includes watching out for one another and supporting the dedicated efforts of our Neighborhood Watch (NW).

The FICRA Building Trust’s Neighborhood Watch raises money to hire off-duty Sheriff Deputies for extra patrols on Fox Island.  Neighborhood Watch functions include observing our school bu... Read More