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2.2.0 Emergency Preparation Block Coordinator Program/YOYO

When we work together – we’re stronger than ever!

What is the Block Coordinator Program?
The Block Coordinator Program (BC Program) was created by the FICRA trust as a way to facilitate information flow and communication between the Emergency Planning leadership and individuals. It relies on neighborhood relationships and cooperation – in an emergency we are stronger working together than working alone. The BC program applies that thinking to preparation as well.

How do I find out if I have a Block Coordinator?
Click on the Block Coordinator Map to the left to find out. Locate your street and home – if the area is highlighted in Red/Blue/Green/Purple or Teal your BC name and contact information will pop up. If not, you have several options.

  1. Ask a neighboring block to 'adopt' you. This works best if your property is adjoining the other block. 
  2. Sta... Read More