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YOYO. Your on your own in an emergency.
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2.2.2 Block Coordinator Program Preparation Responsibilities


Emergencies, such as severe weather conditions or major earthquakes, that interrupt basic functions (electricity, water, ability to use the bridge) for Fox Island residents for an extended period of time (more than 8 hours), or major fire that puts neighborhoods at risk, may be cause for Block Coordinators (BC’s) to react and begin their emergency response duties.

In preparation for such emergencies, Block Coordinators will be assigned neighborhood groups of roughly 15 residences. They will contact, list, and map the residents in the neighborhood, identifying special needs (e.g., children, the elderly and infirm) and neighborhood resources (e.g., tools and special vehicles).

In an emergency, Block Coordinators will coordinate neighborhood actions and provide communication to the Emergency Response Team (at the COMMUNICATION SITE) for the neighborhood to properly handle the event.

Assistance such as triage a... Read More


2.2.3 Block Program Responsibilities Preparation Phase

Individuals - Preparation

  1. Sign up for Pierce County Alert to receive advisory information on an emergency that could impact you.
  2. Provide your Block Coordinator with the information needed for making contact with your residence in an emergency.
  3. Be prepared with a minimum of 30 days of water, food and medicines and keep your fuel inventories up.
  4. Make a plan for contacting and for meeting your family members in an emergency (use the Fox Island Bridge being out of service as your base case)
  5. Install a File of Life pocket onto your refrigerator so any emergency response personnel can be aware of important health info on family members. Keep your 'Help/OK' sign readily available, too.
  6. Read The Plan, which describes the Fox Island Emergency Response Team’s assistance process in a major emergency. The... Read More


2.4.4 The Bucket List (Download)

Download the 'Bucket List' from Pierce County Emergency Management.

For a quick evacuation, store the supplies shown here (for 2-3 days) in a 5-gallon bucket with lid or other container such as a back pack.