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2.2.1 Block Coordinator Manual - Response in an Emergency

  1. CONFIRM THE EMERGENCY by checking your phone & e-mail for Pierce County Alert advisory, and/or, tuning in FM 89.9, or 105.7 to get the latest information on Fox Island. Or, go to Facebook/FoxIslandFICRA.
  3. CHECK YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD house by house (map on page 2), to see if anyone is in need of medical help. Children, and the elderly and infirm should be first priority.
  4. Once you have a feel for the needs in your neighborhood, LEAVE YOUR MESSAGE AT THE AGREED TO COMMUNICATION SITE (see the map on page 2 for the location of that site) so the Emergency Response organization (Emergency Patrol assigned to your area) can pick up your needs information on their tour.

    Note that trying to contact the Emergency Response group will not be possible as those person... Read More